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My story

My journey of blogging

Hi, My self M.N.S.Gopinath and I am a professional and one of the youngest bloggers in India.

First of all I want to give you a small suggestion for students by this information-

  • I have got 90% in 10th (CBSE), (from a small village with poor teaching facilities). 
  • I have got 70% in 12th (CBSE). (from a small village with poor teaching facilities.)
  • Failed to get seat in medical college due to lack of proper guidance . 
  • Got Engineering college but I was Biology student.
  • I was a good speaker and writer since my childhood days.
  • I started improving my writing skills and started sharing with people.
  • I developed interest in making online from Clixsense & NeobuxBut got decent money.
  • Started a blog called moneypears.blogspot.com and it got failed.
  • started gathering money, health, lifestyle related news to help people, and started a blog again called Bloggerex.in.   Hurray .
  • And I became a professional blogger and one of the youngest bloggers in India.

From the above information I want to suggest that

  • Don’t worry if get low marks in your class.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get any medical or engineering college.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get any job.
  • because “Life finds a way” by unknown.
  • I believe you that you all have some passions in your self, some of you may have- good writing skills, acting, music, dance etc
  • Just work hard, convert your passion into your profession, 

Firstly I started making money online through Clixsense & Neobux. During that journey I found many ways of earnings, and business ideas, but at the same I found there are millions of people who are unemployed today, and I entered into the world of blogging to share ideas about making money in different ways. for the people who are in need, also who wants to make money as a part time.

What can I do for you?

I heart fully welcome you to my blog, if you are interested in making money online, business startups,health, life style business related news, then this blog will definitely overshoot your ideas in correct ways. You will definitely love this blog because you will find number of ideas and success stories people in various fields and will definitely to you to realize your potential.

IF YOU FAIL, Then read it once you will get energy to try next 1000 times

  • You may failed now, but one day you will win definitely.
  • “Fail” means trying again in more better way.
  • The one failed greatly can win greatly.
  • Its impossible to beat the one Who never Quits.
  • Try if you fail.but never fail to try.

Privacy Policy:-

This blog mainly describes about different ideas to make money money online, business methods, career options etc. this blog is not designed to provide employment in any manner.

Its main prospective is to share suggestions, innovative ideas about online earnings, business, career etc.