If you have joined Clixsense, that means you are a person who loves to make money online, 

In your initial days you definitely might have been tried to earn amounts through surveys, and most of the times you might have  been rejected too.

If you are reading this article, means you are one of the person frustrated by the rejections of surveys.

But here I have solution for, How to qualify Clixsense sureys, so you can make money easily by qualifying surveys.


What are Surveys?

Here is simple answer to this question, surveys are some simple opinion based questions provided to by different companies to know the public opinion, just like feedback forms, where you need to answer genuinely, by choosing the correct option.

Why Clixsense surveys rejects ?  and How to qualify for the survey?

Here its a big question for any Clixsense member, As today members are totally depended on surveys, as clixsense stopped ads.

Now coming to the point,

1)Before answering the survey questions, do update your Survey profile, because if your answers in the survey questions dont match to the option you have given in your survey profile, you will be immediately rejected from the survey.

2)You can see most of the questions are the based on IT sectors and Technological based, so select your profession and job related to that basis.

3) Never share your personal income matters, but answer genuinely for most of the questions.

4) Answer in way that must be profitable for the company.

5) Update your survey profile regularly.

6) Login daily, and complete at least one survey daily so, the company will give you more earn-able surveys.

Now go back and try and try again, your 50% of qualification chances will get increased, If you still you dont qualify, means your country or area is not that recognised by clixsense,

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