Yes, Bakery shop is a very good option to start your own business, if you can invest a little Before we go further lets have a look in this description below.

How much investment required?

The initial investment to set up a food business may cost about 80 to 90 thousand rupees.

Time required for setting up the business? 

It will take around 1-2 month to start this business.

Profit from this business?

One can easily make 70 to 80 thousand per month through this business.

Let’s start 

Now coming to establish a successful bakery business, You must know why you want to establish a bakery business what are your future goals, Whether its a short term or long tern business, how much you can invest,where to start, how to publish and to get the interest of customers,and finally how to make money etc. 


Before you establish your bakery business you must have a NOC (No Objection Certificate) certificate from the place owner.

Most importantly you will get hundreds of customers only at crowded places, where will get the crowd?


Universities, Colleges, Institutions– Students always prefer to explore things mostly in terms of food,mostly  students work for more than 14 hours a day so they need good refreshments.

Movie theaters- Definitely most of all the people come to movie theater with there families, friends relatives etc, will surely need snacks or drinks, so it would be great idea to implement a business around movie theaters.

Shopping malls or marts- are on of the great options where you can find much hungry crowd.

2) Get all necessary licences to open a bakery.-

This is the most important point, You have these licences to open any kind of food business.

  • FSSAI license-  You can apply online through Its is Food safety and standard authorities od india.
  • GST registration.
  • Municipal corporation health license.
  • Fire license.

3)Purchase all bakery equipment.

The major Equipment required for a bakery are, Cooling Fridge, Deep fridge, Gas stove, Gas cylinders, storage utensils, Oven, Instant heating machines(for tea, coffee etc.) 

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to food business , you must have all cleaning materials. 

As food equipment are much costlier you can use second handed materials. But use good and long lasting elements only.

4) Promote your business.

Promotion is most important to generate interest among your customers.

Create number pamphlets and ask your partners, friends and those you can trust and spread you r business as you can.

Go online, share your business in social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

or create a blog describing about your business. create info-graphics about your business.  

You can also generate well designed display board, brochures, Feedback forms, Banners, etc.

5) Make you Online order App.

This is the most important thing you must apply to make your business successful, create an online order application, and add it to google play store, It will definitely generate great attention of your business.
If your food is good, you will definitely get orders online.
Success will not come overnight you have to work for it, don’t worry if you fail, Learn from your mistakes, and try with better experience.   


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