When it comes to the matter of hair, from teenagers to elder adults strives have long, thick and dense hair, for teenage girls its not required to explain how they strive to have dense hair, but to most of the people. How ever hair growth depends upon many factors such as age, heredity, nutritional factors,  health and diet or vitamin D deficiency etc.

unfortunately you cannot control factors like heredity and genetics. But you can control your hair growth with other factors like diet, vitamin D deficiency consuming low quality diet with low nutrient content may lead to huge hair loss.

As food is the only factor responsible for any kind of metabolic rate in our body. If you consume good food you have good nutrition, which will lead to good metabolic rate, which gives is a better life span. S never neglect food.

Here are 10 best foods to grow thick and dense hair fast in free and natural ways.


Almonds are the nuts which plays major role of hair growth as almonds are considered as great source of biotin, which to helps to promote hair growth.

Many enzymes need biotin to work properly, such as healthy skins and nails etc. Biotin or vitamin B7 is a co enzyme which provides energy to our body in many ways. But don’t expect it to regrow males baldness.


Researches has shown that consuming biotin can help in improving hair growth in people with biotin deficiency. 

How ever eggs contains zinc, biotin which are needed for the promotion of cell production, tissue growth, and repair of broken tissues, It also maintains the oil secreting glands causing less hair fall. 


Never avoid nuts in any manner, they are packed with vitamins like E, B vitamins, fatty acids which are mainly responsible for the hair growth and also linked to many beneficial health factors.

Unlike others Nuts are quite tasty, and convenient to eat, and can be highly recommended for hair growth, increasing in bone strengths and many other factors.


The proteins present in meat can aid growth and strengthen hair follicles. 

Red meat, is generally rich iron content meat. as iron is easy to absorb, as it helps the red blood cells to provide oxygen to  hair follicles.

Red meat like salmon also contains Omega 3 fatty acids responsible for healthy skin.


Another great protein source from plant kingdom are beans, which helps in the growth of hair.

Beans are great source of Zinc for the repair of damaged hair follicles. According a study 100 gm of black beans provides 7% of our daily zinc need.

beans are also great helpers in aiding hair growth and preventing damage of hair. 


Many studies says that Oysters contains omega fatty acids, calcium, Vitamin C,  Iron all these are much essential for hair growth.

As oysters can prevent hair loss caused by the deficiency of Zinc.

Taking Zinc could promote hair growth, so that’s why oysters are the substances contain zinc elements proving good results in hair growth.

7.Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato contains beta carotene. After consuming our body converts this element in to vitamin A, which is not only good for hair but also helpful for people eye defects.

Vitamin A could also help to increase the growth rate and helps in maintaining thickness, and also prevents hair loss.

8. Salmon

Salmon is fatty fish, have rich content of iron, proteins, selenium vitamin D3 and B vitamins, and several nutrients that may help in production of hair and preventing the hair damages. 


According to some sources Avocado contains high amount of Vitamins of B, Vitamin E, fatty acids, preventing the hair loss, breakage, strengthening the hair follicles and provides strenght to hair roots.

1o. Shrimp

Shrimp are great source of protein, Zinc, B vitamins, vitamin D, iron etc. Studies have also shown that hair loss may also occur due to deficiency of vitamin D.

Interestingly, Shrimp have less fat content, but provides Omega 3 fatty acids, which responsible good hair growth.