1. Weak immune system causing sick or infection.

Vitamin D has an important role for the functioning of our immune system. If you often get cold, cough and fever or may even flu, than means your immune system is quite weak.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in fighting with many harmful bacteria, viruses, and infectious organisms.

Many studies have proven that due to the deficiency of V-D levels causes various respiratory infections like clod, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic lung discords etc. 

2. Tiredness.

Due to vitamin D Deficient people also face excessive fatigue, tired feeling and weakness, people with this deficiency gets tired even after doing a little work, this may be lack of vitamin D. 

3. Muscular pains.

There are many factors for the cause of muscular pains, this may be often caused by the deficiency of vitamin D.

In some case studies it is found that this deficiency may be a potential cause of muscles in children of age below 15 and adults above 35.

In some studies it is found that taking doses of vitamin D can reduce various types of pains in people who sufferer from this deficiency.

Don’t forget consult your doctor before any medication.

4. Hair Loss.

Hair loss is a burning issue today especially teenagers and people around 21-27 face lots of problems due to hair loss, Hair Loss may be because of heredity. But not in all cases, Sometimes it may be due to the deficiency of vitamin D. People with more problems about hair loss takes medicine for hair growth without consulting any doctor, but I recommend you to first consult to your therapist and your vitamin D level. 

hair loss is basically due to stress, depression, or because of nutrient deficiency.

Its is studied that people who suffer with alopacia areata having low vitmain D levels in blood tended to more severe hair loss.  

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5. Poor wound healing.

Slow healing after any injury, wound and surgery may be due to the deficiency of vitamin D.

It is studied that people gone through with dental surgeries face problem in healing, due the deficiency of Vitamin D.

People gone through surgeries must stay away from infectious atmosphere, and vitamin D plays a great role in fighting with infections is important for proper healing.

people with leg ulcers can also be treated with this vitamin.

How to fix Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is common among most of the people, not to worry much, but due to non specific symptoms its hard to detect this problem. 

But never take any medication without consulting your doctor. Fortunately, its easy to fix this problem naturally.

  • Increase your sun exposure, main at morning sun shine, because at afternoon exposure to harmful radiations may cause other problem, and you will also get fresh air (oxygen) in mornings.
  • Eat more vitamin D rich food.  Such as fatty fish, Fortified dairy products, Egg yolk, Mushroom, Cow milk, orange juice etc.