Payoneer acts a bridge between your working company(clixsense) and your local bank, when your payoneer account is created you can send your identification number to the company that needs to pay you such as clix-sense.

For example, if you are working in clixsense, you shall give your payoneer account details to clixsense, and your payment will be sent to your payoneer account.

so remember this formula to withdraw – Clixsense -> Payoneer account -> local account.


How to create account and receive money

Its very simple to create a payoneer account. Visit payoneer sign up page, fill your details and sign up, you will get $25 as a sign up bonus.

A page will be opened liked this.


You can see there are four steps to sign up-

  • Getting started – here you need to enter you first and last name, email address, date of birth.
  • Contact details- Enter your address and phone number.
  • Details- Here you need to enter your account password and security question and answer.
  • Almost done –Enter your bank details, click on Tnc check box and submit.

Now your sign up process is completed, then your application will be reviewed and they will send you confirmation email after some weeks.Once your account is createdd you can now login to payoneer and request payment to the company(clixsense), from where you wanted to withdraw.



way to withdraw

Direct bank transfer

It is a transaction type withdrawal method, for any bank Payoneer will charge $2 for every $100 you transfer.

means if you want to withdraw $100 then you can with draw $98.

Thank you