Kesari is an Indian upcoming movie, where as 300 is an american periodic action film, both the movies have no connection from there roots, but the possess one similarity,

As Kesari is based on based on battle of saragarhi, which is considered as the bravest battle India ever fought, in which 21 sikhs fought against 10,000 afghans, in 1897.

Where as 300 is based on the battle of Thermopylae, where only 300 Spartans fought with largest army of Xerxes more than 300,000 soldiers, which is still considered as the greatest battles Sparta has ever fought. 

According to some reports The battle of Saragarhi is considered as Indian Thermopylae. 

As in both the cases, only handful soldiers fought with huge armies, and showed their bravery, among there battle fields. 

But in modern era both the movies have no connection with each other, the only connection is bravery among the soldiers.


Kesari is and Indian upcoming war based movie.


Akshay kumar, Parineeti chopra etc.

Kesari is based on the battle of saragarhi

In the battle of saraghari,where 21 sikhs fought against 10,000 afhan soldiers.


300 is an american war based movie released in 2006, emerged as critical and box office success.


George Butler, Lena headey etc.

300 is based on the battle of Thermopylae.

In the battle of Thermopylae 300 spartan soldiers fought against 300,000 Xerxes soldiers 

All the trailers ans teasers of Kesari are well received by the audiences, the glimpses of Kesari has created a buzz in movie lovers. It can become a milestone in Akshay kumars career.

Lets wait for the glimpses Kesari on big screens on 31st March 2019.

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