Kesari: Movie Review

Directed by-Anurag Singh

Produced by– Karan Johar,  Arun Bhatia, Apuva mehta etc.

Production company– Dharma productions, Zee studios etc.

Starring– Akshay Kumar, Parneeti chopra etc.

Release Date- 21st March 2019.

Running Time– 150 minutes.

Kesari is an Indian war film , directed by Arurag Singh, Distributed by Dharma Productions and Zee studios, Starting with Akshay kumar and Parneeti Chopra in lead roles. The movie plot is based on The Battle of Saraghari. In which 21 sikhs of India from British army fought against 10,000 Afganisthan soldiers in Afganisthan at Saraghari fort in 1987.

Story line-

The movie begins with the fued of Ishar singh(Akshay Kumar) Afghans which saving a lady, the first half of the movie goes well with good comedy scenes, Ishar singh is sent to Saraghari fort for disobeying the british soldiers, and in the second half begings with attack of 10,000 afghans in the fort, and how 21 sikhs defended against the huge army?

Why to watch-

  • Akshay Kumar performance is tremendous and outstanding throughout the movie.
  • Background score will give you goosebumps.
  • Movie has everything to let you feel Patriotic.
  • Despite of predictable script, All the characters will let you to watch till the end. Rating - 4/5