KGF: chapter 1 is an Indian-Kannada movie which was directed by Prashanth neel, starting Yash(actor), which was released on 20th December 2018. The movie was well received by the audiences, and the movie also emerged as a huge success in Indian territories.  

In KGF: Chapter 1 it is shown that how a small kid with a desire to earn wealth enters into Mumbai in search of power, and after getting contract from Adheera to kill Garuda.

After entering into KGF Rocky realizes the lives of the people, who were treated as slaves, Rocky becomes there leader by saving there people, However Rocky kills Garuda with the help of the slave army.

At the end the narrator completes the story with death killing of Garuda and Rocky becoming new hope for the slaves.


Clue 1-Chapter 1 ends with a clue that, the narrator adds that prime minister Ramika sen orders the Indian army to kill Rocky.

Clue 2-In the beginning of the movie it was a set of a society of modern era but Rocky was from 1950s, if is alive he might be too old.

Clue 3- In the movie the narrator describes that in KGF there is statue of Rocky. Rocky might have died so the people of KGF made his statue for his great deeds.

So, to check out these clues we must wait for KGF Chapter 2.

Hope KGF Chapter 2 will continue its periodic suspense. 

Thank you for reading.

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