PTC and GPT sites are the  simple and best ways to make money online such as Clixsense, where you have to do small surveys, vewing on ads, completing simple tasks, installing apps etc.

But to make huge money one PTC and GPT sites its impossible to make alone. And there are people who make around $1000 just because of this trick, that is affiliate program. (Referrals).

I saw a guy online who has more than 50,000 from Clixsense referrals and he almost earns $70 per day just through referral commission, isn’t that sounds great?

Now the question arises here

Which PTC site genuinely pays there customers? because today there are many PTC and GPT sites which are fake.

But I prefer you to join Clixsense because I am too a member of it, and I saw people earning money from it.

Now here are the actual ways to get huge amount of direct and active referrals, to earn big on any PTC and GPT site

1.Post on social media sites.(Free)

This is one of the most effective ways to get referrals, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whats-app,LinkedIn etc.

  • Make friends and post about your affiliate link of your PTC site on your friends time line, on Facebook.
  • Create a page about your PTC site, and invite people.
  • Join maximum number of groups such as Make money online, online money making etc. join the group which has maximum number of member and post at least once daily.
  • If you have good number of contacts or you have whats app or hike groups with good amount of people, then post daily and teach to people about this program.
  • Get more popular on social media, so you can get more attention of people.

2.Create a Blog.

In fact creating a blog is only option which will give you huge amount of referrals, and any other method will wont work as like blogging. Create a blog describing about your program and your affiliate link to the blog, I am sure you will get huge amount referrals through this method.

There two types of blogs, one is free blog and other is paid blog, I will prefer to go with paid blogging, because-

  • Paid blog will get more traffic as compared to free blogs.
  • If you have free blog your domain name will be like-, whereas paid blog looks more professional and gets attention of people, like-
  • More the traffic you have to your blog there will be more chances to to get referrals to your PTC site. read the most important things to create a best blog .

3. Free traffic exchange sites.

This is another most effective way to get good amount of referrals for your PTC site. Here you will need to sign up in the traffic exchanging sites, and submit your affiliate link, and work for those sites-

4.Comment on blogs & live youtube videos.

Today people also show a great interest in knowing about others opinions, so comment session is a good option to get attention of people. So, comment on popular blogs describing about your program, as there are millions of blogs over internet, but choose the blog which get good amount of traffic.

The readers who wants to comment on that blog will definitely read your comment and you any get good amount of referrals, through this method.

Other one is commenting on YouTube videos, find the most trending videos and channels on YouTube, and comment on those videos describing about your site.There are some channels providing live video chats  on YouTube, there you can give information about your site to get more attention of people.

5.Chat rooms and forums(Quora).

Chat rooms and forums are the great ways for those who wants to earn good amount of referrals by grabbing attention of people through answering there questions.

Quora, Yahoo answers, are the best option to engage people about your program, and letting them to lick on to your referral link. This is free of cost, and without any effort you will get goo targeted traffic.

6.Upload YouTube videos.

Creating a video and uploading on YouTube is very easy and free, Today millions of people upload many videos daily, not all of them are expert in doing these things, you can start channel, about money making ideas or any kind of channel you have, you can upload about you affiliate program, 

If your channel is not famous or dint have much traffic then, you can link up with other youtuber and grow your channel. Not only through this way, but you can an make money by monetizing your YouTube channel from ad-sense

7.Guest blogging.

Guest blogging one of the most effective way to show your content to all over the world, not only for PTC sites you can also increase traffic to your own blog too, by generating back-links.

In this method, you can write about your content in other blogs which more popular on internet or the blogs having good SEO ranking.

The people who will come to read that blog will also read your post on the blog and if your writing style is interesting they will also get forwarded to your blog.

8.Instant messengers.

Its is an another trick to get good amount of referrals., you can connect your blog or affiliate link of your PTC and GPT site.

You can use Facebook, google, Yahoo, Skype etc, Use all these messengers to promote your link. Here the only thing you need to have is good amount of contact list so you can connect to more people. 

9.Ask friends, family, etc.

This also a good option to spread your affiliate link to the people you know, through email, whatsapp, SMS, etc. Today people have minimum 500 friends on Facebook, more than 100 people in than contact list, so ask and teach to your family and friends about this program. 

10.Colleges, malls, schools etc.

Students shows great interest in making money ideas, so you can personally meat students by going to colleges and schools, by giving seminars about your plans, definitely, students will come forward for participation, as they need extra pocket money.