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INVESTMENT=0  | PROFIT– $1000 monthly

This one of my favorite way to make money online for free, as my online journey was started through PTC sites. I found it as the most easiest way to make money online without any investment, just by sitting at home I make $5 to $10 daily as my pocket money. People also make $1000 to $2000 per month just by spending 30 to 40 minutes a day.

One saw a guy who was making $2000 per month, then I too started my PTC earning. As I started recently my earning is decent, but surely in next few months I am going to increase my earnings.

I like ClixSense more than any other site as it is genuinely paying its member since 2007. I logged into many of the sites but I got negative results, but here I started earning real cash.

All you need to do is to do surveys, doing simple tasks, completing offers like installing apps etc.

Follow these steps to join clixsense –

  • Click on this link to join Clixsense. and fill up the form by entering your details, its just like creating a Facebook account.
  •  After sign up you will receive a validation link to your mail. Open your mail and link the link, for validation.
  • Now login to your clixsense account using your your username and password.
  • after logging in, complete your profile by entering more details.

Congratulations your Clixsense account is created, start earning money slowly.

2. Start a Blog

INVESTMENT- 0 | PROFIT –  $5000 monthly and more 

Blogging  is one of the most simplest way to make money online just by sitting at home, blogging is also a great platform to make millions without putting huge efforts.

Blogging is just like writing letters to your friends and relatives, you can work on this as a part time or full time as per your wish. You can work from anywhere and at time you want. But remember, blogging is a slow earning process, it will take around one year to make money for you. 

You only need to have writing ability and fluent way to express it.

Time required to earn through blogging- 

It totally depends upon your content and your way how you publish your blog. If you are a beginner then just focus on writing and expanding your content, because it will take more than 6 months to get a reasonable traffic to your blog.

Most important points you must know before you create a blog-

  1. Before you create a blog you must be aware of these things. Never create a free blog, it may not attract people to your blog as it don’t looks professional.  For example if you have a free blog on blogger,  then your domain will be like myblog.blogspot.com, where as if you purchase a domain name, then it will be more professional like myblog.com.
  2. If you have a free blog then you will not have your 100% control on your blog, on the other hand you will have total control on your blog if is paid.
  3. Blogging is a slow process, after writing your content, submit your blog to Google Search Console.
  4. Let google know about your site, so submit your sitemap to Google Web master toolGoogle will crawl your pages to index, when your pages will get indexed google itself will help you to get traffic into your blog.
  5. Increase your SEO ranking, by adding good key phrases.
  6. Share on social media, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, write answers on quora describing your blog, to increase traffic on your blog.
  7. Create back-links, which are great source of earning huge traffic for your blog. Ask other blogger to make back-links on your blog.
  8. Collaborate with other bloggers, do guest blogging, and hire people to write for your blog.
  9. Use wordpress to create your blog, as it will provide hundreds of features to design your blog.
  10. Use Godadday.com to purchase domain and hosting as it is easy to purchase, and hosting is well organized.
  11. Use Google Ad-sense to monetize your blog, to qualify ad-sense your blog must be 6 months older, and must have good traffic.

3. Start a YouTube channel

INVESTMENT- 0 | PROFIT- $10000 monthly and more.

Starting a YouTube channel is the most simplest way to make money online for free of cost. Today people are showing great interest in watch instead of reading and billions of people find its a great platform of sharing and earning.

Top YouTube channels like PewDiePie and Dude Perfect have more that 30 million subscribers and made millions of dollars just through there channels. You too can achieve such feat if you make correct use of YouTube.

The most important thing before creating a YouTube channel is your originality, never copy from other you-tubers, after some time you may get frustrated and definitely you will quite one day.

If you copy others content and monetize your channel you may get caught and have to face the consequences, even though copying someones work is a crime, so never copy.

Time required to start a YouTube channel –

You can create your YouTube channel in just 10 minutes, all you need to do is to shoot a video and edit that as per your requirements and visit YouTube.com, create your own channel for free and start uploading videos.

Tips to Create a YouTube channel –

Create your channel based upon your interest and passion, so you will never get bore and as you are the expert in that field no one can defeat you in any manner. For example if you are interested in teaching then make your teaching channel, if your channel and is original and unique then definitely attract people.

  1. Before starting your channel analyse others who are better in that field learn how they took their initial steps. learn Do and Don’ts in creating your channel.
  2. Never get upset if you don’t get views or public attention, keep uploading your content and improve your drawbacks.
  3. Spy your competitors and learn from them, explore which type of techniques they are using to modify there channel.
  4. Try to collaborate with other you tubers to get more popularity, and you learn a lot by doing collaborations.
  5. Use Google Ad sense, monetize your channel to get ads into your videos so you can get paid, ad sense is the most simplest way to make huge money through YouTube. To qualify ad sense, your channel must have 4000 viewing hours annually, and you must have 1000 subscribers.