google adsense guide

How to get Google adsense approval in month right away?

To get approval from Google ad sense is a dream of every blogger, and people also believe its very tough to get ad-sense approval these days, but Getting adsense approval is very easy, as its not a surgery, that you need to put all your academic efforts to get approval, people also get approval with in a week and some may get after 3 years, as Google is changing its policies and regulation frequently, its becoming difficult for upcoming bloggers to get ad-sense approval, but If you follow the right tactics you can get approval very fast, my blog “” got ad-sense approval with in a month of its submission.

Now I will tell you what exactly you need to do to get adsense approval in a month or even more faster.

When to apply for google adsense to get fast approval?

Its a very important question for you to know when to apply for google adsense, You cannot get approval right away over night, then what to do?

If you have purchased a domain and started your blog recently then just focus on your content, just post well written article, with good keywords, and get at least 100 to 200 page views daily and then when your blog gets six months older then only apply for adsense.

Why six months?

Google is not going to give you money until unless you have good traffic in your site, and Domain age very important, to make google ensure that your blog is active for at least six months, and it is clearly mentioned in google’s privacy policies that your blog must be six months older for approval.

Even I have applied for adsense for my blog after six months “.

What to do for google adsense approval?

Things you need to check before you apply for google adsense.

Firstly check your gmail, that you are going to submit on adsense application, and the mail which you used in purchasing your domain, your mail should not have any previous relationships with google.

-Your mail should not have been rejected previously, before current submission.

-Check  age of your domain, as per google’s recommendation your blog must be six months older.

– You must have very attractive and well written content which attracts your  users to stay more time on your blog.

-You must have atleast 30+ well written articles of at least 300 words each using good keywords.

-Never forget add Privacy policy, about , contact us pages in your home page, which increases 60% of your approval chances.

– Never ever try to copy content from any blog or site, your copied content may destroy relationship with google, and google will remember your blog as a spam, and you may never get any approval in future.

How much traffic you need to get adsense approval?

Its very important question may be running in your mind if you haven’t applied for google adsense yet.

Actually “ You don’t need traffic before for approval, but after approval you will definitely need traffic“.

Yes its true.

Google adsense only sees quality of your content, not traffic, if you haven’t copied your blog posts from others and you posts are unique for google, and if you have applied SEO friendly theme, you will definitely get google adsense approval with in a month or even more faster after adsense application submission.

But the question is, What will you do after approval if don’t have enough traffic?

Initially every blogger is excited for adsense approval, but after approval the excitement turns into frustration.

Because unlike affiliate marketing, adsense pays on the basis of page impressions and CPC.

In affiliate marketing you will get commission when someone purchases anything form your blog,

but adsense will pay you for page visits and ad clicks.

So you need traffic to earn with google adsense. else google adsense is useless for your site.

What to do when adsense rejects your application?

Don’t worry at all, every problem has a solution.

Don’t think that your blog will not get approval again.

Remove all your copy content and images,

Increase your site speed,

Add privacy policy, contact us, about pages if not added.

Lastly you just need to got to your wordpress site, create new email and change the administrator, and do the same thing in your C-panel or hosting provider and reapply for google adsense.