Why you should not choose blogging as a career in 2020?

Why you should not choose blogging as a career in 2020?

Why you should not choose blogging as career-If you are reading this article, that means you haven’t got success in blogging yet. Or might be wondering whether I should choose Blogging as a career in 2020 or not?

I know you might have tired of trying various methods like do ON page/OFF page SEO etc. I know you might even have tried to many ways, to create back links to improve your site’s ranking. But still didn’t got success.

Or if you are the one, who is hoping to start a new blog, to make money online as many bloggers in the world are already making huge amounts. But it’s the correct time for you to understand, by an experienced guy whether you should start a blog or not.

Why people fail in blogging?

The easiest answer for this question is, today 95% of the people start blog only to earn money in short term.

And many people also start  blogs by seeing income reports of successful bloggers.

-If you have already started a blog definitely, you also have inspired from any blogger. Who is earning good money today. Right?

-And many people join by seeing YouTube videos, in which a random guy is showing his earning reports, and manipulating you to start your blog.

Just remember, a very important thing, Why any one will share their secret strategy with millions of people over internet?

If they share their strategies, everyone will apply those techniques and everyone will start earning, and the one who told you will be losses.

Just by looking at other bloggers success, or to make money through blogging in fast track, 90 % of people fail.

So never ever believe in any person who says, by applying there strategies you will also get benefited.

And ask their portfolios before joining any institute providing SEO courses.

1 year back I have started some blog, and worked like a slave on it, day and night. did All kind of ON page OFF page SEO, created good back links, did keyword research and what what not?

But didn’t made even a single penny.

Why? Just think.

I will answer below. 

Why not to start a blog in 2020?

Now coming to this question. Why not start a blog a blog in 2020?

Just think.

When you find any query in Google, Has google ever replied you, “GOOGLE CANT FIND ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION.SORRY”

You will not get, because google provides almost 95% solutions almost all of your queries, and the answer which you were getting, are the sites which are ranked 1 on google, which has the best content, highest domain authority.

So competition will there in every topic or query, people search for.

Then think, On which topic you will create content, where you don’t have competition.

Nowhere. Because today, any niche you choose have tough competition.

Even if you create a good content, it many get caught as copy content because, somewhere, someone might have already entered the content similar to yours.

And google will penalize your blog because, you don’t have quality links.

You may know, that, its very important to have back-links to rank high on google, and those links must be made form sites which has high domain authority.

Now again think.

If you are a beginner, Why any high rated blogger will give you a link your low rated blog, without any benefit from you, So here you will need pay the site owner to rank your site.

But you must have many links from many domains, how much money you are gonna pay?

So, without competitive keywords, without back  links your site will definitely go down.

Things you must know before you start a blog in 2020

The most important things you must know before you start a blog in 2020.

Here I will describe how you should not start your blogging journey.

  • Never purchase  a beginner hosting from any company, because only dedicated hosting is ruling outside, even if your content is better, the sites which has dedicated hosting will get good ranking, and they have best site loading speed.
  • Dedicated servers may costs around $80 per month. Which is too high.
  • Take only dedicated hosting which is capable of maintaining high traffic and don’t get slow down. example- I f you host provider has given you the traffic range of 100k visitors. But, if you are getting more visitors than 100k, For your other users, your site will not open.
  •  Never ever copy content from other sites, you will get penalized.
  • Today people will only link up to you, when you have good domain authority, for me it took 6 months to convince only 3 persons to get links from them, now its up to you.
  • However, If you don’t have back-links then you can never get ranking on google  
  • Today competition is very high, for any keyword, Now if you are making content where there is no competition, that means users are not searching for that content.
  • Don’t apply for ad sense, until you get 100 visitors a day 
  • Never follow any spam techniques, like black hat, etc. Your site may get permanently blocked by google.
  • Never trust on any You Tuber, most of them will just grab your attention, but will not tell you the actual strategy. 

Important Tip-

 I am not telling you not to start a blog, but before you start a blog, 

  • Take at least 2 months, to learn every thing in blogging.
  • After starting a blog, be consistent, and blog daily.
  • Be active on social media.
  • Give only 1-2 years for blogging, even if you are not getting success, please find another job. Don’t waste your time future and money.

Thank you so much, for reading this.