1.Do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online through promoting a product, brand, service, company through your Facebook pages or groups.  Many companies like Amazon, Flip-kart and many other pay you foe promoting there product, once if anyone purchases their product through your page or group, you will be credited some of the commission to that purchase.

You can make money by joining affiliate marketing programs offered by organizations like Amazon etc, and post there content on your Facebook page or group. so increase your visitors to your Facebook page and make money. 

2. Publish your Business on Facebook

Today Facebook is largest platform to publish any type of content all over the world, Facebook is the top most site which has billions of monthly active users as compared to any other social networking site, so you can easily publish your content here, like-

Publish your YouTube channel, every time you upload a you upload and video share it on your Facebook account, friends timeline, in page and groups related to your content not like you are posting your food related video in entertainment groups.

Publish your blog or site, if you have blog or site, then its very easy to publish your site, there are two ways publish your site on Facebook

  • Create a page on your Facebook account about your site and link it to your site, and publish on Facebook, what ever you upload on your site and invite people to your page.
  • Add social sharing button to your site and link it your page so if people want to share your content, they can share to their social accounts.

Publish your PTC affiliate link, If you work on a PTC site like Clix-sense, Neobux etc, you can get huge huge amount of referrals on Facebook, I got good amount referrals for my Clixsense site through Facebook.

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3. Money through selling likes

Every Facebook user strives for likes on his post, this is very important way to make money through Facebook. There are some forums which  that support selling ‘likes’ and some consider it as illegal.

Your friend simply have to click the like button on the like providing Facebook page, According to some reports it is published that, people charge about $60 for 1000 likes.

4. Facebook market place

Facebook market place is a free facility offered by the social networking website. it allows you promote items, services directly within Facebook.

In this program you have to notify people, friends about what your selling you can sell any item which does not goes against Facebook community guidelines other wise your account may be blocked.

If you have unique items to sell you can make good amount, there are lots of items sold on Facebook marketplace which are rare so they fetch high value to sell and purchase, or you can purchase from any store and resell it on a reasonable high amount.

5. create your Facebook content

Face provide a good platform  for the people who have good knowledge in creating digital content that can sold on app like 22social. You can sell items like PDF files, audios, videos.

For this you must have a Facebook page, 22Social account, Paypal account and free or paid account to digital hosting including YouTube, Dropbox, google drive etc.