India is a country where almost all the students after secondary education unknowingly joins the rat race to get good engineering and medical colleges, instead of realizing there inner talents and interests they form there mind set totally depending textbooks.

Our society is little bit funny, if you haven’t got a good rank in competitive exams after 12th, most your relatives, especially parents of friends will definitely criticize you or if you didn’t get good job after your professional course. Many of the people especially students get stressed due to different type of chants from unwanted people from the society.

I personally encourage students, don’t get frustrated by all these stuff, I believe your success starts from here, as now you are independent of any hopes from anyone in the society, now its time to realize your interests and make your passion as your profession.

Even today our society don’t believe blogging as a job, and there are people making a good income through blogging, and converting there passions into  there professions. 

If you are soulfully interested in creating your own blog and want to share your thoughts all over the world and make a huge money through it, here I will share my review about top bloggers in India who will inspire you to choose blogging as your path of earning.

Top 10 most successfull Bloggers in india

1. Amit Agarawal(

Amit agarwal is the top most successful blogger in India, today he is the Indian icon, in blogging field and many of the known bloggers today are inspired by Amit agarwal.

His blog specifically describes about digital inspiration, offers techies how to guides, gadget reviews, software, mobile app information and he provides video tutorials too as way of guiding techs. In 2004 he quit his job and became first and only professional blogger of India

  • Blogger– Amit Agarwal
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning– $60000
  • Alexa Global rank – 11868

2.Harsh Agarwal(, I think this blog is not new in Indian blogging field. Yes, Today Harsh Agarwal is the youth icon in blogging field, he started his blogging career in 2008 as a hobby which became one of the most popular blog in India today.

His blog mainly describes about  Blogging, make money online through blogs, how to use wordpress, about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc.

  • Blogger- Harsh agarwal
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning- $50000
  • Alexa global rank – 4877

3. shradha Sharma (

Shardha sharma is the first and only female blogger from India, and she is also listed in India’s top most bloggers. 

Her blog is which she started in 2008 as later it was changed. is a very dynamic and interesting blog, today the way she designed it is really unique, yourstory describes about the views and success stories of top entrepreneurs, leaders. Every one must watch her blog as it is not only interesting but inspiring too. 

  • Blogger- Shradha sharma
  • Blog –
  • Estimated monthly earning- $30000
  • Alexa global ranking- 6686

4. Srinivas Tamada (

Srinivas tamada is one of the known bloggers in India, he is the founder of His blog describes about Web development, ReactJS, Angular, Java script, PHP, database design and MySQL.

  • Blogger – Srinivas tamada
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning- $10000
  • Alexa global rank-  74253

5. varun krishnan (

Varun krishnan is again one of the successful bloggers in India, and he is the founder of most famous mobile blog, his blog mainly focuses on mobile phones, technology, news, reviews etc.

  • Blogger- Varun krishnan
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning- $20000
  • Alexa Global rank- 20691

7. Arun Prabhudesai (

Arun prabhudesai hails from Pune India, he is the founder of, he founded his blog in 2007 which mainly describes about technology, internet, telecom, mobiles etc.

  • Blogger- Arun parbhudesai
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning – $20000
  • Alexa global ranking-  35640

8. Ashish sinha (

Ashish started his blogging career in 2007 with his blog named Later he changed its names as His blog focuses on topics such as technology, start ups, entrepreneurship etc.

  • Blogger- Ashish sinha
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning-  $20000
  • Alexa Global ranking- 11000 (approx.)


9.Amit Bhawani (

Amit Bhawani started his blogging career in 2007, he writes about Technolgy, SEO techniques etc. He is also know for web development company where he offers a wide range of service on website related issues.

  • Blogger- Amit bhawani
  • Blog-
  • Estimated monthly earning- $15000
  • Alexa Global rank – 27826

10. Pritam Nagrale ( &

Pritam Nagrale is not a new name in Indian blogging field, he started his first blog as, lack of experience he took a break, and founded one of the most successful blogs in India, over 1 million visitors to his blogs monthly,

His blogs focuses on how to make money online through various and simple methods.

  • Blogger- Pritam Nagrale
  • Blogs- &
  • Estimated monthly earnings- $5000