Ysense review in hindi

Ysense Review: How to make money from Ysense

Ysense we all know is the modified verision of Clixsense, or you can say its a new base for clixsense members, Ysense is as same is Clixsense with additional earning opportunites with more earning ways.

In Ysense you can find new survey opportunities from new providers like ProdegeMR, and many new offers from money paying brands like Uber and Tidel.

Another most important and interesting thing is that Paypal is back on Ysense.com

Now you can withdraw money from Ysense
from Paypal, from Giftcards like amazon, and Pre paid master card/VISA ( in selected countries).

“If you are an older member of Clixsense, then make sure that your Affiliate link has changed, and replace your link from your campaigns.”

Upto now I told you about the changes made in Clixsense, and modification to Ysense.

Now a question may be commin into your mind, is it good to join Ysense in 2019-2020?

If you are new to Ysense then Click here How to make money from Ysense/Clixsense.

Now coming to question,

My answer is YES.

You can easily join Ysense as a way to make money online, and can earn big, not only Ysense but any kind of PTC or GPT site you join which are legit, you can make good money until unless you follow the correct strategy.

Because there are people who make around $2000 per month only through GPT and PTC sites, and there are many who don’t even make a penny, so all depends on your strategy.

Before you join any PTC site, make sure that, the site is legit and genuine, because today its very difficult to find a legit and well paying GPT/PTC site today.

For me, I only follow Ysense and Neobux. From only these two sites I make money online.



Now you may get another question into your mind, How to make huge amount from these sites?

That is very simple, the fate of any kind of GPT site is dependent upon the number of referrals, so start focusing on earning referrals, which are backbone of GPT sites, through which you will get commission.

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Now another question may come into your mind that,

As Ysense is not a Pay to Click site, then like will get rejected Ysense surveys too like clixsene surveys?

No, don’t think like that, as ysense is recently modified, so the company, will definitely approve most of the surveys to attract more members, even if you get rejected by the surveys then follow My rules to qualify Clixsense and Ysense surveys.

Hope  this article helped you,

Then what are you waiting for, Join Ysense and Neobux today and start earning.