How to know if a person truly loves you.

Its very important know the opinion of opposite gender, whether the person truly loves you when you get into a relationship, there is not guaranteed way to know how much a person truly loves you,

First of all you need to be clear, before knowing if a person truly loves you or not? you need to know,  What is love?

Love is an ultimate expression of emotions in a divine way to experience the pure emotions.  

How to know the person you love really loves you back, then you have to observe .

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1. See how the person feels when you are around her/him.

As love is an ultimate expression of feelings, its very important for you to notice, how the person feels when you are around with him/her,

  1. It can be more easily determined if the person truly loves you, in bad days, means If your loved ones  has had a bad day, but there face fills with happiness when they look at you,that means, you are one of the reason for their happiness.
  2. Even if he/she is with there family or friends, he/she will gives equal importance  to you to or he/she gives importance of your presence.
  3. If its a group discussion, when, you start taking observe the charm on their faces.  

2. See is the person is not acting as fake(Comfort zones).

If a person truly love you, will always want to be free with you and also want you to act naturally with them.

  1. See if your loved ones are shy in public or crowd, but shows their silly side in front of you when you both are alone.
  2. if the person is truly in love with you, then they will definitely show their deepest emotions to you.
  3.  See if the person is comfortable even if not looking good, or not well dressed, or smelling bad in mornings.

3. unconditional care.

Caring the most strongest point, trough which you can easily determine whether the person loves you or not.

  1. Observe if you scold or hurt your loved ones, even after being hurt, if you are in need, he/she will be there at your service.
  2. Imagine if you both have given important task, and you are failing to do it, if your partner leaves her/his task to help, that means the person is truly in love with you.
  3. The person who is truly love with you will never hesitate, to clean your dirt when you are sick. 

4. See if the person goes any extinct for you.

If a person dedicates all if his efforts to fulfill your wishes, whether if it is small or big, to see happiness in your face that means the person is best choice for you.

Imagine if you asked your loved once to buy a costly thing for you, unknowingly about his/her economic condition, but the person sell his/her belongings to to purchase the thigh you wished, that is really good example that the person is really loving you. 

5.See if the person truly understands you.

True understanding is the true love, see if the person understands and your mood and emotion. 

Example: If you had a bad day or sad experience today, and in the at frustration you scolded or hurt you loved ones, remember the person who truly loves you will always understand you feelings and emotions and be there for you, and will never leave you in the middle.

Example: If you went shopping with your loved ones, and you wanted purchase an expensive item, but you didn’t asked him/her due to his/her economic condition, and when you return home you see the item is in front of you, that means the person is the best choice for you.

6. Comfort zone.

This is one of the most important factor, observe how the person feels when you are around the person.

  1. If the person is out of home at late night and calls you to pick up as a help, that means the person is giving her/his top priority in terms if security, ,means feels you are the best and secure person for him/her.
  2. Similarly the person will always strive to increase your comfort levels, so you can feel her/him as the safe person to share you feelings and emotions.

If you really want to know if a person is in love with you or not? then always notice whether the person is interested in you or in your economic stability.

  1. If you buy a costly gift for your partner, and in return he/she buys more costlier gift than yours that may be a good reason of affection. But never apply the formula of gifts, it always fails.
  2. See if the person asks you more and more to fill her/his expenses.