Both Jersey and Majili have similar plots?

Both Majili and Jersey are much awaited movies created buzz in tollywood. Majili was released on 5th April 2019, and positively received by the audience as well as critics praised the performance of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, and after all Majili declared as at good score.

Now coming to Jersey starring Natural star Nani, the trailer of Jersey has recently opened with positive note.

In the trailer we can see a young Nani as an aspiring cricketer, with full of passion to become a professional cricketer, with a beautiful love story, and unhappy married life of the actor and how he comes back into normal life after long depressed journey.?

Which is similar in case of Majili, where Chaitanya is who is loses goal of becoming cricket due to some circumstances in his love life, and leads an unhappy married life with samantha the plot revolves around Chaitanya how he gets into his normal life from depression? 

And most importantly involvement of a child character in both movies.

Difference in plots :-

But we can also see a lots of difference in the plots, in Majili the child doesn’t belong to chaitanya, where as in Jersery Nani is having a son, and Majili and totally love based, but Jersey seems to have plot related to the relationship between father and son, and in Majili the actor quits his cricket life, where as in case Jersey, the movie shows how the actor comes back into his cricket life. 

Majili scored well at box-office. Let’s check how Jersey will be received by the movie lovers and critics.

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