Steve Jobs was the founder of one of the most successful companies in the world today, Jobs was an american inventor, business magnet, Chairman, CEO and co founder of apple.lnc.

Jobs was born in middle class family, his life never treated him well, but he made his life wonderful with his efforts, persistence and consistency.

Here are Top 5 inspiring quotations given by Steve Jobs


1.Its impossible to fail if you learn from mistakes.

This line easy to read but it has very deep meaning, In our daily life we try to accomplish many things, we set plans to complete and goals to achieve, but once we face even a small failure, First thing comes into our mind, is weather.” It’s possible for me or not”, Or even though after trying or have some more attempts, we may definitely become hope less.

But the meaning of the above quotation gives a simple answer.

whenever we commit any  work and fail, we must learn what mistake we did, and what is the major cause of the failure, and trying next  time in a more better way is called improvement, and improvement is the ultimate achievement of human life. Never give up and try again with better experience.

2.I am convinced that half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from non successful is pure perseverance.

These lines are not only fro entrepreneurs or business personalities, but also for common people like us.

Perseverance means- putting continuous efforts even after having great difficulties and failures in achieving success.

People never become successful in their first attempts, it takes numbers of efforts even after facing great failures, insults, discourages, and finally overcoming all the odd paths is known as persistence. The best path to success is to put constant efforts with patience.



3.The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Another simple line quoted by the great personality in a simple manner.

History has proven this line number of times, Many great personalities had quoted that they love the work what they do.

It simple means focus on the work in which you  never get bored, even if you do for hours unknowingly,that is your passion, when you monetize your passion, your passion becomes your profession. 


4.Don't let the voice of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.

This means during your journey what ever the work you do, people will pull you back and discourage you, and also intend change your opinions and goals, but you must trust your inner voice what it comes out from your brain and heart. and don’t even let people to drown out your inner voice, have confidence, trust your gut and karma , that will find a way.

5.Your time is limited. So don't waste you r time in living someone else's life.